Sports Cars Brands, Top 5 for Passionate Drivers

Making a sports car top

The vehicles’ market has a wide offer of sports cars, and their number is continually increasing. Therefore is quite difficult to establish an impartial top of the best sports cars, even for a specialist. Again, if we consider the price ranges, it is rather a challenge to impartially select from the list. Such a list starts from $20,000 for a compact car and goes up to $1,250,000 for a Bugatti Veyron, or $2,250,000 for a Grand Sport Vitesse. The latter is the most desirable version of Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

Some of these top sports cars that I have chosen for this ranking can perform both as luxury cars or as racing cars. When the sports cars made their entrance in the world of automobiles, the manufacturers only wanted to enlarge their own offers with a new attractive version of their main products. Yet the sports cars have become quite fast the best sellers of every car producer. Ever since they maintained their position as the hottest sellers because most of the car owners dream to afford to buy one. There are a few common features that make sports cars sparkling in the eyes of any driver. For instance: desirable appearance, elegance, extravagance, speed, stability, fuel consumption and road adaptability.

Of course, everyone has his own choices regarding the design, color, and aerodynamics of the car… Therefore every single top5 is purely a personal and subjective one. Having these things in mind, here is my own ‘top of the line’ in the category of sports cars:

My Top 5 Sports Car Brands

Chevrolet Corvette
A sports car for speed maniacs: Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

5. The Chevrolet Corvette Convertible is prepared to reach 400-hp, to with smooth steering wheels and track-ready handling can be fairly added. Remember that this Corvette is still the fastest in its class. You might also find it affordable for a price that goes from some $20,000 to $50,000, but you may consider that it could drastically go down for a used Corvette, depending on the mileage and its state of conservation. Anyway, the pricing is rather low if you compare it with other sports cars that have similar features and performance.

Mercedes-Benz SL65
Speed and elegance in a sports car – Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Roadster

4. The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Roadster comes with its great features: a power ignition hardtop, and a V12 engine that produces 621-hp. The power ignition is a modern version the previous SL design and together with a 7-speed automatic transmission, it provides a blasting speed. To all these, you may add the most extravagant aspect and awesome mechanical features that improve its overall performance. The price for the 2017 car is $219,850 for a brand new car.

Time for medals

Aston Martin sports cars
Aston Martin DB9 Volante, a bronze medal sports car, if you like

3. The Aston Martin DB9 Volante has features similar to the Jaguar, mostly if you compare their external appearances. The DB9 was adapted for sports car racing and remains more classical than other versions. It comes with a 6-liter and 450-hp V12 engine that can easily satisfy anyone’s need for speed.

Jaguar XKR Convertible
Jaguar XKR Convertible, a spotless feline, comes the second on my top5 for sports cars

2. Due to its external appearance, the Jaguar XKR Convertible is considered a ‘handsome’ car. Its own fantastic look is only the tip of the iceberg. The mechanical features keep up with the design aspect. Compared to former versions of the Jaguar, the XKR is highly tuned and has a 390-hp V8 engine, with great results for a sports car.

My favorite choice

sports cars champion Porsche Carrera
Porsche Carrera GT, number one in my sports cars top 5

1. Unlike its predecessors, the Porsche Carrera GT has a complete bottom-up design, derived from the traditional well known Porsche shape, carefully modernized and improved. The sports car appeared publically for the first time at the 2003 Geneva Auto Show. Then it was presented as a final version of the Porsche car seen at the 2001 French Auto Salon in Paris.

The manufacturer has also added a few high-class features. These ensure a special list of top motorsport engineering. I should mention here a carbon fiber chassis, dry sump lubrication, inboard suspension and a mid-mounted engine that was designed to sit as low as possible to the ground.

It started as a racing car and then modified for the road. Mid-engined, the the-cylinder car has no turbochargers, no automated transmission, no all-wheel drive or four-wheel steering. A supercar, indeed.


I know that there are a lot of sports cars that can enter the ‘top of the line’. Regardless their class or price categories, I have selected only those I liked most.  If you want, you might include on a similar list the Ferrari F430 or the Cadillac XLR Star Black Limited. Maybe you like better the BMW 645Cic, or the Lexus SC 430. Or any other sports cars. After all is your choice. In this case, you should probably make your own top 5 sports cars brands.


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